TELENGIN Group is a reliable and experienced investor in the development of the cutting-edge technologies for various spheres of life. For more than 14 years, we have been working to create, with the help of advanced technologies, a more comfortable, cleaner, more sustainable, modern environment and good infrastructure, where it is great to live in.

TELENGIN is an international company. It is your business partner offering exclusive, individual, innovative solutions in both the private and public sectors. During our lifetime, we have created and helped to implement more than a thousand different projects for modernizing urban infrastructure and energy networks, developing automation solutions, and improving telecommunication systems. Our goal is exclusive and original solutions to meet customer expectations and their individual needs.

By choosing us, you will choose a long-term, responsible partner who collaborates with well-known foreign technology companies. TELENGIN is on the road to innovation – from idea to its implementation, from completeness to continuous care, and from simplicity to complex solutions.


We are a company which has a modern attitude towards ongoing processes. TELENGIN offers its partnership to everyone modernizing old technologies, creating new generation infrastructure projects, buildings or service objects, installing modern security systems, searching for modern telecommunication solutions and other alternative ways which improve the quality of life, ensure the needs of users and the more comfortable and effective society life.

Our pace of life is speeding up, our needs are increasing, and expectations of our employers and customers are growing. Old technology makes it impossible to do ordinary jobs comfortably, wastes too much time, uses large energy resources, and increases labour costs. TELENGIN is making life to move forward together with both ordinary people and business entities to create an innovative environment for a modern society.